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Athens Dental Tourism Cluster


The goal of the Athens Dental Tourism Cluster (ADTC) is for ATHENS to be a universal Dental Destination. This can be achieved only by quality of the dental services. In order to practice a quality dentistry we agreed:

 ADTC has been formed by fifteen dental clinics with 54 dental chairs and 22 specialized Dentists.


 Since January 2016 we have participated in Elitour( Hellenic Medical Tourism) in the members board , with our president Assistant Professor Nikolaos S. Kouvelas.


 In February 2017 we have been full members of World Healthcare Travel Council and Assistant Professor Nikolaos Kouvelas became a member of the education committee of the WHTC.


 In March 2017 we will participate at the Montreal presentation of the private medical and dental clinics of Athens, along with Dr. Patoulis.


 In April 2017 we will participate at the Chicago presentation.