Leading the way in Health Cluster

About Us

Health Cluster is considered to be a great challenge for our country as the level of the Medical Services provided by our doctors, in combination with the extremely competitive pricing policy in relation to other countries, can create a significant pole of attraction of International Patients. In order to respond effectively to this important challenge, we created "Asklepieia"!



What is 'Asklepieia':
Is a Cooperative Network (Cluster) of Medical Tourism and constitutes the first Organized & Coordinated Extroversion Activity of significant range in the field of Health in Greece. It was created by Health Providers who invest in the quality of their services in order to make Attica (and gradually the whole Greece) a destination for Medical Tourism.


Which are the gradually Targets:
The cooperation with insurance organizations, big foreign Companies, certified tour operators and facilitators, that are going to ensure the flow of International Patients to the Cluster members.


What are Your Benefits:

  •    New Patients

  •    Scale  Economics in Marketing

    •  Market Research & Marketing

    •  International Portal

    •  Destination Marketing

    •  Enhance of the Branding in the International  & Domestic Market

    •  Health Campaigns- Reach large number of Patients

    •  Εvents

  •    Fund Raising (research, governmental aid, investors)

  •    Digital Health Tourism Network – Investing in Digital Technologies  (eHealth & Digital Marketing)

  •    Partners Network around the world

  •    Brand Certification (Quality System)

  •    Scale Economy in other procurement actions (materials, ISO…)

  •    Training

  •    Synergies between partners  & forming jointly the strategy

  •    Central Administration by Technocrats




Initial Engagement Areas:

  •  Dental

  •  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  •  Ophthalmology

  •  Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery


Future Engagement Areas:

  •  Orthopedics

  •  Surgery

  •  Rehabilitation

  •  Diagnostic